As a business owner you’ve probably been thinking about how to engage your customers or clients. You hear a lot about the need to engage on social media, and its true. In many respects, engagement is a currency to any successful business today.

It doesn’t have to be grandiose – sometimes even the simplest ideas can lead to much more engagement.

In a coffee shop in Medford, MA last week, I saw an overflowing tip jar. The baristas here were extremely creative. Instead of asking for a tip for college, they’ve hit upon the creative idea of having customers vote for their favorite retro TV show in two tip jars. Simple? Of course. Effective? The jars were overflowing. Life changing? Definitely not. Remarkable? Heck I’m writing about it 🙂

What small system could you add that would dramatically increase your customer engagement?

BTW, I voted for Fraser.

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