***Full Disclosure*** One of these teens is my son.

I’ve always told my kids that they are never too young to learn how to make money. They’ve had yard sales, sold and flipped items on eBay, set up lemonade stands and done extra chores around the house to boost their bank accounts. The lesson I wanted to teach them was a simple one- deliver value to others and money will flow in your direction.

In the summer on 2018 my son Ethan and his friend Caleb set out on their grandest project yet, to raise funds to produce and release a feature film. They hit upon the idea to reward their backers with different levels value, starting at $1 and going up to $1000 for producer credits. The idea took off like wildfire, and is short order they raised $10,000

You can click here to get tickets to the premiere, which is taking place at Maynard Fine Arts Theater, pictured above.

They have worked really hard writing, filming and producing the movie. They’ve recruited friends and local businesses to help them with the project and in on Saturday January 26th the will be hosting over 300 people at their world premiere of “Drowning In Pennsylvania”. They will also be doing a question and answer session after the movie.

So while I’m undeniably proud of his achievements, there is also some great business lessons to be learned here. Having a vision, delivering value, and working hard is not a guarantee of success, but it sure can set you up in that direction.

Find out more about their story here.

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