“I’d like to but I’m busy”. “I can’t I’ve got another commitment”. “I wish there were more hours in a day”.

Time poverty is the scourge of 21st Century America.

When I was a professional soccer coach, I worked with families juggling upwards of 5 soccer games a weekend, plus gymnastics, plus fall baseball. It led to burned out kids and burned out parents. Today, I see a lot of burned out business professionals who are trapped in the same way. They’re working hard, but are time poor. Time poverty has become the scourge of 21st Century America.

I talk to professionals who have a list of priorities that they somehow never really get to tackling. Something comes up with a client, or their family, . It’s urgency pushed upon them by someone else, and working on their business to give themselves the gift of more time is put on the back burner, so you become stuck in an endless loop of doing.

In some cases, just one hour of re-prioritising gives them they keys to the kingdom. They finally work out that there are ways of working smarter, not just harder and longer hours.

Really, it’s a choice. It’s a mindset. Do you want your legacy to be that you were always too busy for what was important?

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