Try Walking In Their Shoes

When you are talking to your customers, its essential, as Depeche Mode once said, to “Try walking in their shoes”. Get into their world by considering thing that keeps them awake at night.

Rather than selling your features and services, join the conversation that is happening in their heads at 3am. Why is this important? It’s essential for you to be acutely aware of your customers’ concerns, worries and problems rather than talking about yourself. We all love talking about ourselves, but this gets dull and boring quickly.

The conversation that can lead to a solution for your customer is the one that is going to keep you in their minds the it comes time for them to make a purchase. And you want to be the solution that they ultimately want to call at 3am. Whether or not you take the call, of course, is up to you, and whether you yourself are awake at 3am.

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